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2010-12-28 22:59:06 by crissangelfreak

All the promises that you shattered
the pieces of my heart lay scattered
all around my messy room
You took our love, tore it in two
I let myself believe in you...

I'd need you now but you hurt me then
you took advantage of my bend
Now I'll space myself away,
in your arms, I don't want to stay
They hurt me more than words can say...

Laughed and danced around my room
loved you more than you ever knew
All the dreams I dreamed for us
destroyed by your filthy lust
I was so stupid to trust...

I trusted you with all my soul,
leaned on you to keep me whole
Two lovers against the world
You spun me around, made me twirl,
I was your girl...

The girl whose heart you ripped up, threw out,
the girl you didn't think about
The girl you betrayed without a thought,
the girl who's now forever lost
Thanks a lot...

Don't wanna look at no more stars
I'm too blinded by the scars
Yet after this hurt you put me through,
I can't help but still love you
Just not sure if i want to...

Now you say you need me back
Is this another sneak attack?
You tell me that you've really changed,
you'd never do that to me again
but this is my heart and I don't play games...

Time goes by I can't move on
Memories keep me up 'til dawn
Healing is blocked by all the pain
Can't count on you to keep me sane
Told you I'd never be the same...



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2010-12-28 23:08:49

aww its pretty!

crissangelfreak responds:

ty :)